Host Committee Members

Sylvia Neil, Co-Chair

Carrie Newton, Co-Chair

Thurston and Kimberly Bailey

Frank Baiocchi and Robert Hunt

Barbara and John Baran

Marc Beem and Susan Berkowitz

Jennie Berkson and David Edelstein

Barbara Bluhm-Kaul

Mary E. Brandon

Bill Brandt and Patrice Bugelas-Brandt

Robert and Marjorie Breisblatt

Michael and Anne Brody

Leah R. Bruno

John and Dana Burgess

Lorie Chaiten and Harold Hirshman

Grace Chan and Tom McKibben

Doris Conant

Colleen Connell and Darryl DePriest

Judy and Bill Cottle

Allison Cowett and David Adams

Barbara Flynn Currie

Heidi Dalenberg

Sally and Randall Doubet King

Gail and Richard Elden

JoAnn and Marshall Eisenberg

Roxana Espoz and and Todd Davis

Merri Ex

Janice L. Feinberg

Judy and Mickey Gaynor

Rebecca Gilman and Charles Harmon

Richard A. B. Gleiner

Susan Goldschmidt and Miles Taub

Ann and James Goodman

Leonard Goodman

Charley and Jill Gross

Susan R. Gzesh

Dr. Vinni M. Hall

Phyllis J. and Dr. Chester S. Handelman

Harriet Hausman

Joel Henning and Maria Ojeda

Doris B. Holleb

Darren Hunter and Beth Weis

Babette Joseph

Diana Joseph and Bruce Goodhart

Barbara and Dennis Kessler

Colby and Chad Kingsbury

Richard and Susan Kiphart

David C. Kleiman

Kelly Kleiman and Michael Kaye

Diane Klotnia and Kevin Carter

Laura Kofoid and David Ricci

Ruth Krugly and Darryl Davidson

Ann Kuta and Peter Felitti

Jennifer Minor Lansing and Joseph Lansing

Scott and Betsy Lassar

Eileen and Paul LeFort

Frances and Elliot Lehman

Fay and Daniel Levin

Betsy Lehman Levisay

Robert B. Lifton and Carol Rosofsky

Lois Lipton and Peter Carey

Marcia and Joseph Liss

Ada Nivia Lopez

Maureen Loughnane and Kristina Richardson

Paul and Margaret Lurie

Timothy McCarthy and Cindy McSherry

Vicki and Jim Mercer

Jill M. Metz and Karen M. Buckley

Kerry A. Miller and Nina Kavin

Ronald and Patricia Miller

Paula Morency and Paul Dengel

William R. Muenster

Robert Murphy, M.D.

Jerry Newton and David Weinberg

Sara Paretsky and Courtenay Wright

Roger and Missy Pascal

Aurie Pennick

Dorothy and Alan Press

Susan and Nicholas Pritzker

Sue Purrington

Diana Rauner

Leora and Mort Rosen

Drs. Lya Dym and Louis Rosenblum

Ann M. Rothschild

Esther Saks

Natalie Saltiel

Charles and Louise Saltzman

Robert C. Sash

Jo and Robert Sawyer

Timothy Schwertfeger and Gail Waller

Steve Scott and Ted Hoerl

Jeffrey T. and Hope R. Sheffield

Peggy and Paul Slater

Ronna Stamm and Paul Lehman

Sara and James Star

Donna and Tom Stone

Mary Stowell and Jim Streicker

Debra Stulberg and Andrew Howard

K. Sujata and Laurence Marks

Fran Sullivan

K.T. Sullivan and Chris Bing

Laura Tucker

Stelios and Angela Valavanis

Shyni Varghese and Peter Rauske

V.I. Warshawski

Charles Watkins

The Family of William N. Weaver, Jr.

Cindy Wilson and Chip Peters

Harvey Wineberg

Susan Winer and Betsy Brill

Cynthia J. Wolfson

Helen Zell

Maggie and Bob Zielinski